Friday, November 27, 2009

The One and Only

Another addiction of mine (trust me I have many), is polyvore. It's pretty much my dream world due to the fact that you can have any item of clothing you want and it has an incredibly simple layout so it's really easy to use. I completely recommend this for those of you who love designing your own things, if you don't already have one. To check out how many hours of my life I've spent (wasted...?) on this amazing website, go to the following link.

Find me on Polyvore
If you have a polyvore, feel free to add me as a contact. I love seeing new people's sets.


  1. wow, all those outfits are amazing! I've never actually done any outfits on Polyvore before so I might do some. Looks like fun!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  2. thank you!
    and yeah polyvore is absolutely amazing, but it's also really addictive which is just about the only should definitely try it out and show me some of your sets!